Fellas, Get Out the Way

from by Scott Cook

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There's a whole lotta uppity women
Still ain't satisfied with the deal
We let 'em ride right alongside
Now they wanna take the wheel
And the fellas keep sayin' we got this
'Cause that's the way that it's always been done
Don't the scriptures say a woman should obey
Didn't a man write every last one?
We can take a little lesson from history
All the priests, generals and kings
There's just nothing like long experience
When it comes to making a mess outta things

Fellas, get out the way!
Fellas, get out the way!
We had our turn, we've had our say
Fellas, get out the, get out the way
Fellas, get out the way!

Now they want choice, and pay equality
Wouldn't believe it how they rant and rave
Back in the day we'd just knock 'em on the head
And drag 'em on back to the cave
And we're still flexing that privilege
Though we find ways to ignore it
And ever subtler ways to say
She must've been asking for it

I thank God that She made women
Every time I'm in a crowd of guys
They might do just fine without us
Without them, we'd be Lord of the Flies
Whoever said it's bros before hos
I can tell you that's a load of malarkey
If there's any hope for this whole show
We got to bring on the matriarchy

I got a guy friend who's 30 years married
He backs her up however he can
He says, happy wife, happy life
Seems to me he's a reasonable man
I got a gal friend who's tougher than me
If you cross her there'll be hell to pay
When I hold the door it ain't chivalry
Nah, I'm just getting out of her way


from Further Down the Line, released January 27, 2017
Words and music by Scott Cook
Vocals, guitar - Scott Cook
Banjo, vocals - Bramwell Park
Upright bass - Melissa Walker
Drums - Matt Blackie
Piano, harmony vocals - Dana Wylie
Harmony vocals - Jacquie B




Scott Cook Edmonton, Alberta

Canada's prairie balladeer Scott Cook has managed to distil the stories collected over years of near-incessant touring across Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia into straight-talking, keenly observant verse. All the hard miles notwithstanding, he still believes that songs can change your life, and your life can change the world. ... more


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